We have Trade Expertise located throughout the whole China. Our team possesses a wealth export expertise and can plug your business into all China Trade & Investment services, international trade related partner organisations that can offer trade support to companies wanting to develop and grow their export business.

Whether your business is simply looking for export or import information, review of current international activity to enhance overseas trade, international training, or the development of strategic export plans, our professional Expert Trade Advisers are able to share their knowledge, on a no cost basis.

Our expert team has the support of dedicated sector professionals who can offer bespoke international trade reports related to your target markets based on your specific industry sector.

In most cases your international trade support process will begin with a visit from our company to gain an understanding of the export or import needs of your business as well as to assess whether a sector or market specialist should be brought in. It is after these primary export or import needs are recognised that the process of collecting information, guidance on international training, and the development of strategic export plans can be tailored to the specific international trade needs of your business. Once our Company has been assigned to your business they will remain as your point of contact throughout the process to give you consistently informed about any relevant export market or sector events, news and trade missions that could support and assist your export progress.